Law, piano, recorded 4.6.95

John Law's Pentecost is the second in a series of three solo piano recitals, which began with the intriguing Talitha Cumi in 1994. Recorded in concert, it features one long (51 minutes) piece plus a short encore. The long piece, entitled 'Spirit Music For Pentecost', displays Law's current fascination with mediaeval music, particularly religious music. An improvisation based on early monastic music, it begins simply and establishes a mood of tranquility. It then sets up an ebb and flow of tension throughout, ending in a thunderous finale. For me, Law has become one of a select group of musicians (Ornette, Lacy, Evan Parker, Giuffre, Frisell...) whose every release brings a tingle of expectation. This release heightens anticipation of the next!

John Eyles  Rubberneck  1996